Apple Watch battery percentage issue and solution


Some of Apple Watch users have been encountering a major problem for a while. The issue in question is related to the battery percentage of the Apple Watch. The problem is exactly this: the Apple Watch battery percentage always shows 100 and suddenly the watch turns off. New information was shared regarding the solution of this problem, which has been reported in some models since last year. Although there is no concrete solution from Apple, there are a few details regarding the solution of the problem in question. Here is the Apple Watch battery percentage problem and solution:

Apple Watch battery percentage issue and solution

A few steps can be taken to solve the problem, which is also seen in Apple Watch Series 5, but these solutions may not end your problem. Besides, it is worth trying.

What exactly is the problem? Your smartwatch turns off after it appears to be stuck at 100 percent for several hours. When it starts to charge, it stays around 70 percent until it reaches 100 percent and does not fall below that.

There are hundreds of notices and solutions about the battery problem on the internet and in forums. Stating that the problem was not solved with the software, users reported that the problem had been continuing strangely since November of last year. Steps to follow for those who have the problem:

Turn off your phone

Sometimes, on phones that are not turned off for a long time, the problem may cause smart watches to be affected. So first try turning off your phone for at least 20 minutes. After that, open it and see if the problem is fixed, as some of the users who did this are reporting that the problem has disappeared.

Start from scratch

Some Apple Watch users are waiting for the device to be completely discharged and charging the smartwatch with it turned off for a few hours and the problem is resolved. This has steps in itself; First of all, use the watch until the Apple Watch is completely discharged and its screen turns black.

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Then keep both side buttons pressed until the screen turns back on. Keep holding it until the screen turns off again.

Charge the Apple Watch until it reaches 99 percent or this number, but don’t let the smartwatch’s battery reach 100. If these steps are successful, your Apple Watch battery level begins to drop normally after a few minutes of use.

Charge it then turn off

Another way some have found a solution is to charge the Apple Watch for a few hours to make sure it reaches 100 percent. Then users turn off the Apple Watch for about 20 minutes before rebooting.

Turn off the clock regularly

Failure to turn off the clock regularly can cause problems. Turning off the smart watch once in a while allows people who experience the problem to report that they do not experience it after a while.

Unpair and Update

Unpair your Apple Watch with your iPhone and pair it again. This does not fix the problem, but it is worth trying.

After that, you should make sure you update to the latest versions of iOS and watchOS on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Ultimately, this could be a problem caused by a software update that you did not do.

A last resort: contact Apple Support

There are troubleshooting steps that Apple can perform remotely on your iPhone and Apple Watch, or you can make an appointment with Apple to determine the exact problem of your watch.

Did you have this problem too? If there is a solution you found other than the above methods in the comments, don’t forget to share it.


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