Apple Watch approved to treat nightmares


Last Friday (6) the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, approved the NightWare app for the Apple Watch. The app wants to help treat users with post-traumatic stress disorders and, according to the agency, should contribute to the “temporary reduction of sleep disorders related to nightmares in adults”.

Using sensors on the Apple Watch, NightWare monitors the user’s heart rate and movements while he sleeps, generating a sleep profile and comparing the results daily. If a divergence in this pattern is noticed, the application will understand that this is a nightmare and will make the device vibrate to wake the user.

NightWare obtained promising results in its clinical tests, improving sleep quality and minimizing stress levels in several control groups. However, it will not be available to any user and can only be obtained by prescription, being used with the aid of special medications for users with post-traumatic stress disorders.

The FDA also determines that the application should not be used by users who have high activity during episodes of stress, in cases such as sleepwalking or violent tendencies.

Another recommendation is not to use the app while watching TV or reading, in order to avoid false alarms. Still not expected to launch, NightWare has received certification as an “Innovative Device”, which should accelerate its development.

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