Apple Watch 7 May Arrive Soon, But With Limited Stocks


The Apple Watch Series 7 should even be unveiled in September, during Apple’s traditional event that serves as the stage for the next generation of iPhone. However, buying the new smart watch at launch should be a privilege for few consumers.

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, device inventory issues are piling up beyond design difficulties. With that, Apple is now studying several launch options.

One of them, considered the most likely, is that the model will be revealed and sold without changing the dates already established by Apple, but with a very limited stock and perhaps without all the available variations.

Plan B

The other alternatives would be to postpone the device altogether and only announce it when there is enough stock, or else to present it at the conference, but push sales for later.

This short-stock scenario was already seen in 2015, during the launch of the first generation of the Apple Watch. For a few months, the sale was carried out only through online orders and with a long waiting list, resolved a few months after the start of sales.

Even with limited inventory, the expectation is that the Apple Watch Series 7 will move the wearable market. Currently, the Cupertino manufacturer has started to lose space to Xiaomi in the sector, as the Chinese company has a diversified portfolio of products, including inexpensive solutions such as Mi Band 6.


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