Apple Watch 7 can also have diabetes monitoring


In addition to Samsung, rumors indicate that Apple is also eyeing the feature that allows you to monitor the blood glucose level. Apparently, the Cupertino giant does not want to let the South Korean manufacturer take the lead.

Therefore, the company has tested the novelty in its future Apple Watch 7. The intention is to use the same principle of technology explored by Samsung: Raman spectroscopy.

Considered one of the least invasive methods, Raman spectroscopy is also explored by Samsung and other companies. The feature uses only a laser light to measure the chemical composition of the blood and allows to measure diabetes in seconds.
For now, it is not yet clear who will launch the first smart watch with the novelty. Even so, the tendency is that the new technology catches the public’s attention, since the process of measuring diabetes with blood samples is a daily drama in many people’s lives.

Original text (01/25/21)
Samsung may launch Galaxy Watch 4 with diabetes monitoring, says rumor
Smart watches are no longer mere accessories to accompany smartphone notifications and have become true allies when it comes to health. So Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and other manufacturers are waging a battle to develop new features.

This week, sources heard by the Korean website ETNews confirmed that Samsung could announce the Galaxy Watch 4 with diabetes monitoring. The intention is to improve the sensor to be able to mention the amount of sugar in the user’s blood.

People who have diabetes know that it is not easy to have to draw blood every day to constantly monitor the disease. So the feature of Galaxy Watch 4 can “revolutionize” the lives of many people.


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