Apple Watch 6 may detect panic attacks and stress


The next generation of Apple Watch is expected to bring a new feature that will further expand device health monitoring. It is a function focused on mental health, capable of identifying panic attacks and high levels of stress in the user.

The information came from leak specialist Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro on YouTube. According to them, the feature is still under development and the team currently aims to understand exactly what changes in the body help to identify the “formation” of a panic attack before it actually occurs.

In addition to sending an alert in the form of notification for the user to calm down, the next Apple Watch should also offer quick breathing exercises that help to keep calm. It is worth remembering that the device currently has a fall detector and also cardiac monitoring, already with several stories about how it saved lives with its emergency resources.

More news
In addition to expanding user monitoring, the Apple Watch 6 should feature a longer battery life, support for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, better waterproofness and a new generation processor.

Previous rumors also point to the long-awaited monitoring of sleep and the detection of the rate of oxygen in the blood. It can still have a new look, even without the rotary knob. The device, possibly called the Apple Watch Series 6, can be introduced in September 2020, following the tradition of presentation along with the next iPhone.


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