Apple wants to patent a self-healing screen!


Apple has applied for a patent registration with a flexible display that can comfortably recover from damage. We will give details about the self-healing screen in this news.

Will the self-healing screen be successful?

According to the documentation, if a bendable phone is dents or scratches, the self-repairing screen will do the job. In theory, the device will automatically repair itself when it is charged or according to a specific schedule.

The electronic device may have a hinge that allows the device to bend around the bending axis. The image overlay layer may also contain a self-healing layer. A self-healing material layer can be formed over the entire coating layer of the screen or only in the flexible area, which confirms the disclosure of the patent.

Restoration work will be done with a smart phone using heat, light and electric current. The application also states that the phone can be coated with a special stretchable elastomer to protect the sensitive internal mechanisms of the device.

The company has not yet announced the launch of bendable devices, but who knows, maybe on October 13. Apple announced the iPhone 12 launch date. At the same time, Samsung already has such smartphones: the first Galaxy Fold was introduced a year and a half ago. Also, to remind you, the Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone was launched earlier this year.

You can click here to view the patent application on the US Patent and Trademark Office site.

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