Apple Wants To Improve Siri With Its New App


Apple: Virtual assistants are already an important part of today’s phones. No matter the brand of the phone, surely your device has it although perhaps its operation is the same on all platforms. The developers of each house work to make their software the best and now it is Apple that seeks the help of its users in order to improve Siri with its new application.

Help improve Siri

You may have come across a message that you will evaluate the application you are using in the app store of the service you use. This is normal within any software company, even those that have a reputation such as the bitten apple. And it is that today we have to talk about it with the new application that will help them improve their virtual assistant.

Rather, Siri Speech Study is the app that you will use to improve Siri. It is a simple application that will collect data from your voice and your questions in order to improve this piece of software. According to what TechCrunch says, Apple does not provide much more than a simple application and a standard agreement for use, without any clear objective beyond what we told you.

The company has focused its efforts on making its application work perfectly and be much more fluid. We have seen it in recent years, but with this program it seems that it wants to receive help directly from those who make daily use of it, who are ultimately the ones who will find the new improvements of the Cupertino when they incorporate them.

Only if you are invited

The funny thing about using this application is that you cannot install it and get with it. It turns out that, as has happened with many other applications, Siri Speech Study is only available to those who have received an invitation. So only a few will be chosen to enter the program, while the rest will only be limited to receiving the news when they take effect in the voice assistant.

The other feature is that the application is not available in all countries of the world and, unfortunately, Spain is out of the call at least for now.