Apple Wants Stolen Prototype Supplies Delivered


Apple has intensified lawsuits against people who leak details, images or schematics of the brand’s products, especially those who steal prototypes from factories and illegally sell the products in forums, social networks and online stores.

According to a report in Vice, Apple’s latest venture involved calling on a Chinese law firm, Fangda Partners, to deal with the case.

In particular, the company last month sent a “cease and desist” letter to a Chinese seller who ran an ad for an iPhone prototype — meaning he must immediately stop activity and confirm the action within two weeks. In addition, the company wants the person to also reveal who their source of supply of devices is, possibly so that they too can be reported and prosecuted.

Why is this bad?

According to Apple, the trade in prototypes is especially dangerous because the models can be used to create device unlocks (jailbreaks) or even study in search of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited in cybercrimes. In other cases, models are sold at high prices to collectors.

Apple’s strategies to reduce leaks of images or details, as well as possible theft of devices, have been greatly reinforced in recent months. In March 2021, she introduced new safety guidelines for factories and partner companies. In June, it began directly notifying social media posters that they had proprietary information that was obtained internally.


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