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Apple Uses Galaxy S21 to Promote Beats Studio Buds Headset


Big rivals Apple and Samsung have a history of needling each other whenever possible. But that didn’t stop Apple from using a cell phone made by the main competitor to advertise its new Beats Studio Buds headphones.

The Beats wireless headset promotional material features a photo of the Galaxy S21, Samsung’s current flagship, instead of the iPhone. The curious image, which attracted attention this Thursday (1st), appears on the Apple store within the American version of the Amazon website.

While it may seem a surprising and unprecedented move, the Cupertino giant’s decision to use the competing smartphone actually makes sense. As SamMobile reminds, Studio Buds is focused on attracting a much broader audience that goes beyond users of the Apple ecosystem.

Thus, using the top-of-the-line rival in the campaign conveys the idea that the brand’s hardware works well with one of the main Android models today. According to PhoneArena, the strategy could lead consumers to choose the new Beats instead of the Galaxy Buds Pro and also works as a subtle invitation to exchange the S21 for an iPhone.

Changing the pattern?

The use of the Galaxy S21 in an Apple advertisement also drew attention to another curious detail. Typically, Apple chooses an older, outdated, ugly, or inferior model when it needs to comment on some feature of its Android and Windows compatible products.

A recent example shows how this is a pattern. During WWDC 2021 last month, the company unveiled a version of FaceTime for Google’s operating system using an LG Stylo 6 to demonstrate how the tool works on Android. Despite being launched in 2020, it is an intermediate cell phone.



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