Apple Updates iCloud for Windows With Password Manager


Apple released, on Monday (16), the new version of the iCloud application for Windows. Update 12.5 brought iCloud Password, the apple password manager, to Microsoft system users.

With the tool, Windows users can access the iCloud Passwords feature, or iCloud Keychain. Thus, people can add, edit, delete and search for usernames or passwords for websites and applications.

In January of this year, Apple released version 12.0 of iCloud for Windows. At the time, the application codes had references to password management that was only implemented this week.

One good thing is that iCloud Passwords works in conjunction with the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser extensions. This allows the data to be automatically filled in on Windows, just like in Safari.

At the same time, it is possible to add new usernames and passwords to the manager while browsing. This information will be automatically registered in the iCloud Password app for Apple devices.

What is iCloud Passwords?

The iCloud Password Manager was one of the new features in the release of iOS 7 in 2013. Basically, the tool stores login information for Safari users — including Wi-Fi passwords, credit cards and other data.

For people’s safety, passwords are stored in an encrypted database. Thus, sensitive content is transferred to the Windows app and browser extension using a fully encrypted channel.

For those interested, version 12.5 of iCloud for Windows is available on the Microsoft Store. In addition to the aforementioned features, the program allows accessing files and emails stored on Apple’s cloud platform from a PC.


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