Apple unplugged an iPhone model!


The list prepared for iPhone models released by Apple and removed from sale has been renewed. The products mentioned in this list, which also includes iPad, iPod and Mac products other than iPhone, are not supported.

Products that are discontinued and are not on this list can be renewed for 5 years (unless the law says otherwise) by Apple or an Apple-guaranteed technical service. This renewal process can be both software-based and part-based.

The list named iPhone models removed from sale has been renewed

In this list, there are two different categories, classic products and discontinued products. Classic products is a title given to products that have not been on sale for more than 5 and less than 7 years. Hardware support is provided for these products, provided that the missing part is included in Apple’s inventory (unless the law says otherwise).

Products that are discontinued and on this list are described as products that have not been sold for more than 7 years. No hardware service is provided for these products and no parts can be requested for these products.

Satıştan kaldırılan iPhone modelleri

Apple also removed its iPhone 5C product to the museum. This model, which is not deemed worthy of the classic title, will no longer receive any support. Models such as iPhone 4 (8 GB), iPhone 4 CDMA (8 GB), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S (8 GB), and iPhone 5 are also on this list.

What do you think of the iPhone 5C? It was released on September 20, 2013. We are waiting your comments.


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