Apple Underestimates Epic Games’ Fortnite Case


Apple has been on the agenda for a long time with the tension it experienced with Epic Games. The technology giant from Cupertino announced that it belittled the lawsuit filed by Epic Games and described it as “a campaign to revive interest in Fortnite”.

While Apple opposed Epic’s claims with its newly published legal documents, it also showed the company’s lawsuit as a new way to stimulate interest for Fortnite. It looks like it’s going to get more confused.

Apple has made a new statement in its legal fight with Epic Games. Focusing on Epic Games’ case for Fortnite to be reintroduced to the App Store, Apple has shown it will take a very aggressive approach.

“Epic started a fire”

“Epic started a fire and poured gasoline on it, and now it is asking for help in extinguishing it from the court. Moreover, Epic could only do this instantly by returning to the terms of the contract that allowed him to maintain a counter-relationship with Apple for years,” the company said in a statement.

Apple once again stated that it can make its own rules and that it is nothing to prevent competition. According to the firm’s claim, Epic has previously made serious gains from being on Fortnite’s App Store. Finally, according to Apple, Epic sacrifices third-party developers and developers of games or apps using the Unreal Engine to stimulate interest in their Fortnite app.

Challenging Epic, Apple said the firm “This case (and the headlines it caused) appears to be part of a marketing campaign aimed at stimulating interest in Fortnite.”

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Announces declining interest in Fortnite, according to Apple

According to Apple’s claims, interest in Fortnite decreased by about 70% from October 2019 to July 2020. That’s why, in their statement, it was said that Epic was “not a victim, but a saboteur.”

“Third-party Fortnite players and Unreal Engine developers feel threatened by the commercial dispute between Apple and Epic as Epic puts them at risk for their own commercial purposes,” Apple said, maintaining its tough stance.

While these statements do not change anything for the time being, it stood out that Apple was ready to fight in the courts. The next hearing in the court between Epic and Apple will take place on September 28.


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