Apple TV+ Loot: Molly’s 10 Most Ridiculous Antics


The original Apple TV+ series “Prey” is a parody of excessive wealth and a vivid show about women losing their independence and regaining it in the face of adversity. Although Molly is a billionaire who doesn’t want anything in adulthood, it seems she still treats people with respect.

With that said, she has also acquired some extravagances that others may find excessive. Although they may be common among one percent, they seem too large and unnecessary for the rest of society. But for Molly, it’s just a luxury she’s used to.

Her candy room

This is the type of room that every woman (and child!) dreams of: a whole room filled with sweets to pamper themselves when the need arises. Molly’s is decorated in a beautiful color, and the candies are neatly stacked in matching glass plates for easy access.

This is a great room to enter when someone wants to drown their sorrows in sugar and chocolate. Indeed, this is exactly what Molly did shortly before the call from Sofia, which is likely to change the trajectory of her life.

David Chang as her personal chef

In one of the scenes, the famous chef David Chang prepares an exquisite multi-course lunch for Molly. She tastes the first dish and praises it for how wonderful it is. But then she tells him that she really wants a bean and cheese burrito, to which he reluctantly says that he will go to the microwave for her.

Having a personal chef is one thing, but having a celebrity chef with his own restaurants, along with TV shows like Ugly Delicious, one of the best documentaries about agriculture and the food industry, cooking daily meals seems like something more than even Molly. need it. Considering that from time to time she seems quite content with simple microwave dishes, this also seems completely unnecessary.

“Small” pool for dogs

It’s funny, when Nicholas introduces Molly to her new yacht, he points to the “small” pool, as if he’s almost embarrassed that such a “tiny” pool is part of the setup. She seems excited and quickly decides that it would be great for dogs.

The pool, of course, is a full-size indoor pool with a mirror on the ceiling to show its reflection, the magnificent blue water and the beautiful scene around it. Most people would love a pool like this, but for Molly, it’s only good enough to serve as a playground for her puppies.


The yacht itself is a great luxury, although in Molly’s defense I will say that her husband gave it to her. He probably bought it for her to keep her busy and not know what he was doing behind her back.

The yacht seems massive even for a large family. For Molly, John and their two dogs, that would be overkill. Now, just for Molly and her dogs, it’s more space than she could ever dream of using alone.

Gold-rimmed glasses

In one of the scenes, when Molly decides to get ready and clean up the house, she takes some gold-rimmed glasses. Although gold-rimmed glasses are not uncommon in trendy bars, there is a possibility that her glasses are made of real expensive gold. It looks like something fans might see as a hidden detail in Roy’s residence on Legacy.

The possession of such glassware is a clear sign of wealth and luxury, because it screams about excess. Most likely, what Molly enjoyed from the glasses was expensive whiskey, wine or some other fancy drink.

Golden Stapler

When Molly cleans and sets up her office at the charity, in particular, changing the name on the door from Molly Novak to Molly Wells, she arranges her work supplies. Among them are a golden set of pens and a golden stapler.

Having an expensive, even personalized pen like Mont Blanc is a sign of class and status. But it is rare to see a golden stapler. Like the frames on the glasses, most likely the stapler itself was made of pure pure gold and probably cost more than the entire building in which it was located. It is such funny moments that make Loot a candidate for a role in one of the most exciting films and TV series. new Apple TV+ in 2022.

Staff who brush their dogs’ teeth

While Molly prepares to go to the office in the morning, she brushes her teeth over her massive sink. The camera pans to another set of sinks in another corner of the bathroom, and she also sees two employees furiously brushing the dogs’ teeth.

It would make sense if someone with Molly’s billions hired someone to take care of her pets while she was away. But the scene in which they brush their teeth daily like her seemed excessive.

Personal hairdressers in her house

Not only did Molly have staff assigned to brush her dog’s teeth, she also had personal hairdressers at her beck and call, complete with a barber chair in her house.