Apple TV app launches for PS5 and PS4


As promised by Sony, the PlayStation 5 was launched in the US with support for the Apple TV app. Fortunately, the novelty was not restricted to the new generation console, being also released for PS4 users.

According to Apple, if you are already a subscriber to the service, you can watch programs already purchased without major difficulties. However, those interested in subscribing or purchasing films and series separately, must follow instructions in the app itself for the console.

Although it seems practical, this can become a problem for users. For comparison, on Amazon Fire Stick the option to purchase content has been disabled because Apple and Amazon have not reached consensus on revenue sharing.

Apple TV + raises competition

The partnership is a milestone in the expansion of the Apple TV + streaming platform, which is now available to a wide range of potential new subscribers. That said, it is worth remembering the impressive adhesion of the PS4, which resulted in 110 million units sold. From that number, it is possible to understand more easily the relevance of the union between Sony and Apple.

It is worth noting that Gigante de Cupertino does not intend to limit itself to this partnership. The idea is for the novelty to be offered on Microsoft consoles – including the Xbox Series X and S, in addition to the entire Xbox One family.

The service is also available on a number of different devices, such as selected Samsung and LG TVs, most Roku and Amazon Fire TV players and, of course, Apple’s own devices.

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