Apple TV App Coming to Xbox Consoles This Month


Apple’s movie rental and purchase application, Apple TV, is also finding its way to Xbox consoles. The Apple TV app will be available on Xbox consoles starting November 10.

Game consoles can do more than just play games. Applications such as Twitch, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify can also be used on game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. In addition to these, a new application is coming to Xbox consoles: Apple TV.

Apple TV, Apple’s movie purchase and rental application, will take its place on Xbox consoles starting November 10. The application can be used by Xbox console owners, along with many of the services listed above.

Apple TV app coming to Xbox consoles

The Apple TV app is described on Apple’s official website as: “Meticulously tailored compilations for you to discover the best content. Thousands of movies you can buy or rent. All in one place and on any screen. In short, the most innovative way to watch TV. new Apple TV app. ” But perhaps the most interesting part of the thing is that Microsoft has a service called Movies & TV, which offers a similar service.

Like other media apps on Xbox consoles, the Apple TV app will have support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. In addition, according to the news on, it is much easier to find content with this visual and audio technology compared to Microsoft’s Movies & TV application. In the long run, we will wait and see how the arrival of Apple TV, in addition to applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, will affect Microsoft’s own movie and series rental service.

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Also, one of the ironic aspects of this incident was that Microsoft allowed Apple TV on its hardware, but Apple did not allow Project xCloud in its app store. Well, what do you think about this subject? Also, if you own a console, do you use such apps?


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