Apple tried to buy modular electric car startup Canoo


Several rumors point out that Apple is working to launch an electric car, and yet another clue on the subject has emerged recently. The Verge talked to people close to the Cupertino company and found that the owner of the iPhones allegedly tried to acquire Canoo, a startup that develops modular electric vehicles.

The two companies would have negotiated in the first half of 2020. Apple wanted to invest in Canoo, but the sources also said that the firm suggested a complete acquisition of the electric car startup.

The plans ended up not working, and Apple gave up the purchase and also the investments in Canoo. The startup still raised money and raised $ 600 million by the end of 2020, when it entered the United States stock exchange.

Modular cars

Despite being just another startup in the growing electric market, Canoo has a technology that draws attention: the Skateboard modular vehicle platform. According to sources at The Verge, the scalable solution put the company on Apple’s radar.

Canoo produces all its vehicles with Skateboard technology, which uses a common base and allows you to easily modify other parts of the car. The company even closed a partnership with Hyundai for the joint development of electric models.

In a statement sent to The Verge, Canoo did not deny the discussions with Apple. Tony Aquila, chairman of the startup, just said the company “does not openly comment on strategic discussions, relationships and partnerships, unless that is appropriate”. The owner of the iPhones declined to comment on the matter.

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