Apple Tricks: How to turn off the MacBook keyboard lighting


MacBooks are computers that many users take into account when renewing their device. They are becoming more and more powerful, but it is undeniable that their design is what lasts over time. This does not mean that there are news that make it special on the inside, such as the illuminated keyboard of the device. However, you may not want to have the keys lit constantly and that’s why we tell you how to turn off the illumination of the MacBook keyboard.

This is how the MacBook keys turn off

Laptop manufacturers seek to bring convenience to users in every possible way. A screen with better resolution and energy efficiency, a generous battery or that the device weighs less are some characteristics that matter, as does seeing the keys. But sometimes it does not compensate that this part of the device continues to work and that is why we show you the steps you must follow to turn off the keyboard lighting on your MacBook.

To achieve this you just have to follow the following steps that we comment on below:

Open the Preferences section of your MacBook

Enter the Keyboard section

Check the box for Turn off keyboard backlight after 5 seconds of inactivity

You can choose how long you want it to last by pressing the time button

Total is 5 minutes

Once these steps are done, you just have to wait for you to stop typing and the keyboard of your MacBook will automatically turn off after the chosen time. On the other hand, at the top of this function you will have a brightness control to choose how much you want this function to look when it is active.

Why is it important to disable the keyboard?

Surely you have noticed that the MacBook is a compact computer with a uniform design. In fact, it appears that it does not have a hole to open, which prevents you from having access to internal parts such as the battery. And this is the reason why you should take care of your device and turn off the keyboard lighting. This is a small but constant expense, which causes the battery to wear out little by little. By deactivating this function you will not have surprises when you turn on your terminal and see a decrease in energy.


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