Apple To Unveil iPhone 13, New Apple Watch and More in September


Apple is soon to set the exact date for the company’s traditional September conference, responsible for hosting the unveiling of the new line of iPhones.

And according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the event will be quite packed. In the latest issue of his newsletter, Gurman reports that the company should use the broadcast to update a number of devices and confirm rumors that have been circulating for a few months.

iPhone 13

For starters, the iPhone 13 line of smartphones should even be a more discreet update than the previous one. The expectation is that it will have more punctual differentials, such as the A15 Bionic chip, a smaller notch and a screen with 120 Hz refresh rate, as well as new camera functions.

Still, the company decided to call it the iPhone 13 and not the iPhone 12s, as the changes are significant enough to justify the jump in number.

What else?

At the same event, new models of headphones, tablet and smart watch should be presented. After a delay in revealing, the AirPods 3 should finally come out and will have a more AirPod Pro-oriented design, while the Apple Watch 7 follows expected trends, such as new features and straight edges.

The iPad mini 6 is one of Apple’s big bets for the end of the year and should bring a series of evolutions in looks and components — including thinner edges, 8.3″ screen and the same A15 Bionic chip. A more discreet update from the traditional iPad can also be presented.


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