Apple To Release New MacBook Pro M1X in November


Apple: The start of manufacture of the MacBook Pro with the M1X processor is a strong indication that the launch of the notebook is near. According to Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg, the new devices should hit stores in November.

While new iPhones may be unveiled as early as next month, the article says Apple is expected to announce the next MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with M1X in late October or early November. Even though the brand anticipates the announcement, the products are only due to be launched in November due to the shortage of chips.

Apple’s supply chain has been hampered by component shortages. The company tries to work around the situation by adding Luxshare Precision as a supplier, while TSMC prioritizes orders for bigtech processors.

It’s too early to say that there will be low product availability in the first few weeks of release. But given this scenario, it is likely that the company does not have enough drives to meet the initial demand for the notebook.

Interestingly, the machine with Apple’s processor is expected to hit the market on the two-year anniversary of the current MacBook Pro. With an Intel chip, Apple’s latest high-end model was released in November 2019.

More details about the next MacBook Pro

The next MacBook Pro is expected to have the model’s first major visual update since 2016. Rumor has it that the notebook will have lines similar to those of the iPhone 12, such as flatter edges.

The machines should reach the market with an updated mini LED screen and 14-inch and 16-inch options. Apple may also add new connections to the device, including the MagSafe charger, HDMI port and a UHS-II SD card reader.

The biggest highlight of the new products will be the M1X, a processor pointed out as superior to the M1. As per the information, the component brings a 10-core CPU with the option of a 16- or 32-core GPU.


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