Apple to pay $ 308.5 million for patent infringement

Apple will pay $ 308.5 million in compensation to the company named Personalized Media Communications (PMC) for patent infringement. In the case in the US state of Texas, the jury decided that Apple had infringed a patent on digital rights management.

PMC sued Apple for allegedly violating its technology, which it called FairPlay. Thanks to the technology in question, encrypted content can be distributed via iTunes, Apple Music and App Store.

PMC, a patent licensing company, sued Apple in 2015. The company claimed the technology giant had infringed seven patents owned by it. Although Apple managed to defend this case at the patent hearing and the appellate board, another court of appeal overturned the verdict in March last year and the lawsuit was resumed.

In a statement sent from Apple to Bloomberg regarding the issue, it was stated that the decision would be appealed. In the statement made, it was stated that the lawsuits filed by non-manufacturing companies such as PMC suppressed innovation and harmed users in the long run.



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