Apple to Announce HomePod Mini Next Week


It is said that Apple will announce a new HomePod as part of the event named “Hi, Speed” next week. According to reports from two different sources, the wireless speaker, which is likely to be named “HomePod Mini”, will also attract attention with its affordable price and compact structure.

A statement came from two different sources about the new HomePod product, which Apple has been working on for a while. Simultaneous announcements will be announced as part of the “Hi, Speed” event to be held next week, the product that Apple will likely call “HomePod Mini”. However, it is stated that this impressive product will not be available before November.

In the posts made on Weibo, it was mentioned that the leak has an accuracy rate of over 97 percent. Moreover, the sources reveal some of the features and prices of this product. Apparently, Apple will sell a HomePod with a very compact structure at a price that can be considered suitable for abroad. So, what will HomePod Mini offer to consumers?

According to the statements made, HomePod mini will be only 3.3 inches in size. It is also said that this wireless speaker will be powered by the S5 processor that gives life to the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5. The current HomePod is powered by Apple’s A8 processor and is 6.8 inches in size. So the HomePod mini, which is likely to be announced next week, will be half the size of the current model.

The HomePod mini will allegedly be priced at just $ 99. According to the information in Weibo, consumers will be able to purchase this product as of November 6. By the way, Jon Prosser, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to leakage, says HomePod mini will be announced next week.

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While Apple is ready to announce the HomePod Mini, this is not the case for the new wireless headset.

In the meantime, Jon Prosser also made some statements about Apple’s upcoming wireless on-ear headset model. Stating that this headset, which will be named as “AirPods Studio”, is not ready for now, Prosser states that AirPods Studio is unlikely to be announced at the event to be held on October 13.

According to the statements made by Prosser, AirPods Studio will have a price that hurts, not a pocket. Prosser, who made some claims on this subject in the past, continues his claims in his statements today. According to Prosser, AirPods Studio will be offered to users in two different designs. These designs will appear as sporty and luxurious. Prosser says the price of the sporty design AirPods Studio will be $ 350 and the luxury design will be $ 599. All these details will be clarified in the upcoming period.


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