Apple: The new Airpods promise to be quite disappointing!


Apple is likely to disappoint its aficionados with its new Airpods. The latter may not be up to their expectations.

Ouch Ouch Ouch … Did the Apple company have made a fatal mistake? While its next AirPods leak on the net, the product sheet turns out to be more than disappointing. What to sulk them, after all …

During Apple’s latest conf, some did not fail to post their disappointment on social media. For good reason, the giant has not spoken of its next headphones.

Thus, the next Apple AirPods have barely passed by. Especially since no major innovation was to be noted in their latest version.

However, rumors have spread on the Web since, fueling the feed around their next iteration. Information relayed by 9to5 Mac, well known for information about the brand’s products.

While snooping around in the iOS 14.3 beta files, some minors noticed that Apple was hiding a project: the AirPods Studio.

An app called Apple Tags will also allow you to find the headset wherever you left it. Just like other Apple products, of course.


A pair of headphones that is likely to disappoint fans of the Cupertino company. Starting with their price, which seems rather excessive.

Thus, you will have to shell out almost 600 euros to be able to hope to have the new Apple headset. There would be two versions: the leather version and the metallic version.

Finally, for smaller purses, a sports version would be offered for the “modest” sum of $ 350. It remains excessive.

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So the price will surely have to be paid for the pair of Apple AirPods Studio. Is this price nevertheless justified?

On the design side, we stick to something quite sober and uncluttered. Forget about the headphones to screw into each ear, however, since it will be a headset.


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