Apple: the iPhone 12 mini a nearly perfect new smartphone!


A mini price, for a mobile that is not that mini! The iPhone 12 mini could be a very good alternative to Apple’s high-end flagship

Apple will reserve a small-format smartphone for us, which will delight little hands. But also the small wallet! Is the iPhone 12 mini really worth it?

Does the iPhone 12 Really Have a Cost-Effective Sizing Alternative? Apple has gone the extra mile this year, offering a second smartphone, a little smaller.

Kind of iPhone SE, the n ° 12 in its mini version has everything the ideal smartphone. It may be less suitable for large paws who prefer the comfort of the Pro Mac.

However, its 5.4-inch panel may be suitable for others, who like small formats. It must be said that in recent times smartphones have tended to get bigger.

At first glance, it has nothing to envy its big brother … If it is not its size of course, but the best of smartphones does not have to be the biggest!

Regardless, on the hardware side, the iPhone 12 mini is doing more than well. it has a Super Retina XDR display, a MafSafe recharge and a battery life of 15 hours instead of 17 hours.


Its color range will be the same as for its big brother: we will go from traditional black and white, to red, blue and of course to green.

Also, will this smartphone display better resolution than the large format? 476 pixels per inch, instead of 460.

Finally, let’s talk about the price of this iPhone 12 mini. Hold on tight, because this almost perfect smartphone will cost 809 euros … or 100 euros less than the big screen.

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Of course, this will not delight aficionados of smartphones with XXL panel. But it’s worth it, for once.

Finally, the more storage space you add, the more you will return to an iPhone that matches the price of the iPhone 12 … You might as well choose the right options!


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