Apple: tests with two folding cell phones are in progress


Apple has taken another step towards the development of a foldable smartphone. According to reports from the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News, at least two different models are undergoing internal testing and have gone through the durability stages, especially in the recurring use of the hinge that separates the two screens.

As they are two very different prototypes, it is not yet possible to determine whether Apple plans to launch two foldable models or will approve only one version – even none of the devices can be announced if they fail in later stages. The lawsuits are ongoing at a factory owned by the manufacturer Foxconn in the Shenzhen region of China.

One of the approved models has two screens that are connected when the device is opened, generating a single panel in a very natural way. The second would be in the flip format, and a format more similar to that of the Samsung Galazy Z Flip.


According to rumors of the last months of 2020, the company would have already ordered screens from Samsung for mass production of the device, has an innovative hinge technology and plans to launch one of the models only next year.


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