Apple Tech Talks And Google DevFest 2021: See How To Join


DevFest 2021: Two of the biggest developer events in the world kicked off on Wednesday (20th): Apple’s Tech Talks 2021 and Google’s DevFest 2021. Both will run through the end of the year, with a focus on learning and putting knowledge into practice, under the leadership of community leaders from the Apple Developer Program and Google Developers Groups.

Tech Talks 2021

The Tech Talks 2021 event is a re-edition of the meetings held by Apple between 2015 and 2016, and maintains the original format: there will be 100 online sessions broadcast live, in addition to individual conversations, in which Apple experts will support developers who create and distribute their apps on the App Store.

For eight weeks, with 1,500 working hours, developers around the world will be able to learn about the latest technologies, ask questions and receive individual guidance. It will also be a space for creators to share direct feedback with the Apple team about their personal experiences.

To register and get information about the Apple Tech Talks 2021 schedule, just visit the event website at this link.


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