Apple talks to South Korean component manufacturers for electric car project


Apple Car rumors have been on the agenda for a while. The company, which carries out its work on the driverless car experience in a low profile, recently expanded its test fleet in California. But Apple seems to continue to make progress, albeit silently and deeply. According to the Korea Times site, Apple is still in talks with South Korean manufacturers.

According to the sources, Apple continues to meet with several South Korean-based electric auto parts manufacturers. It is stated that Apple is in contact with screen manufacturers as well as semiconductor manufacturers. The news also included the claim that Apple could not realize its plans in the electric car market without collaborating with South Korean manufacturers.

It is stated that Apple is in contact with companies such as LG, SK, and Hanwha for components, but talks are still in the early stages.

There have been reports that Apple is in talks with manufacturers such as Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, BMW, and Canoo for its electric car project. It was even claimed that it was agreed with Hyundai and Kia. While this claim was later denied by the South Korean company, it was stated that small-scale cooperation negotiations were ongoing.

Recent news suggests that Apple is focusing on talks with component manufacturers rather than automotive companies. The fate of the Apple Car project still remains unclear. Although it is understood that the company is considering different options to take advantage of the technology it has developed, there does not seem to be a prominent option for now.


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