Apple takes an important step in mobile POS


A new one is added to the news of Apple’s purchase of different companies every day. Recently, details about the purchase of a new mobile payment company have emerged. Accordingly, Apple may begin to offer official support to use iPhone directly as a mobile POS device.

Can be used as iPhone mobile POS device

According to new information, Apple has purchased a software company called Mobeewave. This company is known for working on an application that converts not only iPhone but all NFC supported smart phone models directly to a POS device.

The difference from its competitors is that it can convert NFC supported smart phone models to mobile POS devices without using any additional hardware or accessories. It is also possible to clearly notice this situation from the usage explanation expressed by Mobeewave.

According to the company, the amount to be paid first is added to the application. Afterwards, the credit card, where the payment will be taken, is brought closer to the back of the NFC supported smartphone. Thus, the payment process can be completed in a short time.

It is claimed that Apple bought the Mobeewave company for a payment of approximately $ 100 million. After this purchase, Mobeewave can only be used as an iPhone POS device. Usually, Apple is known for the companies it buys off its services on Android and other platforms. Indeed, there may be a similar situation in the new mobile POS system.

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