Apple Suppliers Accused of Maintaining Forced Labor in China


Apple: The Information released on Monday (10) a report that accuses seven Apple suppliers of using forced labor. The factories have been accused of using Muslim workers forcibly at their facilities in China. The investigation was carried out in conjunction with a human rights group.

The Advanced-Connectek factory – which has been supplying parts for the brand’s smartphones for 10 years – is located in the Xinjiang desert, a region heavily populated by Muslims known as Uighurs. The factory, according to the report, is surrounded by walls and has only one entrance and exit. Next to it, there is a shed used as a workers’ dormitory. “Almost no other factory in Xinjiang has these characteristics, except for industrial parks where there is forced labor,” researcher Nathan Ruser told the story.

The factories cited in the report are: Luxshare Precision Industry, Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co., Avary Holding, AcBel Polytech, CN Innovations and Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co, in addition to Advanced-Connectek.

Apple has denied the allegations and said it does assessments in all partner countries. “Despite covid-19 restrictions, we conducted additional investigations and found no evidence of forced labor anywhere we operate. We will continue to do everything possible to protect workers and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect,” said the company.


In December of last year, Lens Technology, one of Apple’s oldest suppliers, was also accused of using the work of Muslims forcibly.

In addition, in July 2020, supplier O-Film was accused of benefiting from forced labor programs. At the end of the year, Apple ended the partnership with the factory after verifying the practice.


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