Apple Sued Former Employee Who Leaked Company Information!


Apple is suing a former leadership employee for leaking trade secrets. Investigations continue.


Last May, Apple fired Simon Lancaster, Materials Manager. Then we learned that he was sued for leaking Project X and several similar projects to the press. According to newly released documents, the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office has decided to open an investigation against Lancaster in line with Apple’s allegations.

A few weeks ago, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that those who leak even the smallest information will be given the heaviest penalties. Like many big brands, Apple has its employees sign a confidentiality agreement when they start work. Cook said they would not hesitate to present these documents in court against those who caused the leak.

Date set for Apple-Lancaster lawsuit

Along with an investigation by the District Attorney’s Office, Lancaster’s online accounts and two computers were seized for investigation. However, some information that has been revealed says that some of Lancaster’s accounts have already been seized by the state in the past. The date for the first hearing of the lawsuit filed by Apple has been set as November 18, 2021.

According to Apple’s claim, Lancaster secretly leaked company information to a newspaper reporter. He even secretly accessed the records and documents of the meetings he was not involved in, in order to obtain data that he did not have access to. Since the case has not been concluded yet, we cannot say for sure. However, it is estimated that the source of the leak regarding the company’s AR glasses plans in the Fall of 2019 is the same person.

Lancaster requests court to stop investigating Santa Clara

Lancaster, who was fired from the company, argued that the lawsuit filed by the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office was illegal. Earlier, the prosecution had launched an investigation after evidence was presented that Lancaster had embezzled company information by leaking it. However, Lancaster’s lawyers claim that these documents were obtained illegally.

Apple is suing. Lancaster denies all accusations. Perhaps the only exciting thing about this topic is ProjectX. Brands such as Valve, Oculus, HTC, HP, and Samsung have made virtual reality glasses before. Although most of them focused on computer games, the phone versions also made a lot of noise.

Although Apple’s name has always been mentioned with VR glasses for the last 10 years, no tangible device has emerged. Many people claimed it was fake news. However, if the leaks are true, at the next event, Apple may be planning a surprise with AR glasses with computers.

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