Apple Sued For Allowing Sexual Harassment On Film Set


An employee who worked at the filming studio for an Apple TV+ movie is suing the company and other production companies over allegations of sexual harassment and the companies’ lack of cooperation in preventing the incidents.

According to the victim, Alicia Kelly, the case would have happened during the filming of Emancipation, a film starring Will Smith. Alicia was hired to work on the production support team in relation to measures against covid-19 — filming came to a halt for several months at the beginning of the pandemic, but resumed months later with several restrictions.

Recurring case

However, the story begins even earlier, in October 2020, when the employee was working in the same role, only for the Hightown series. There, Alicia was allegedly harassed by the boss, who was later replaced by another manager who maintained the same inappropriate behavior.

To make matters worse, upon being transferred to the Emancipation set, she discovered that the same supervisor would be her superior — and the harassment continued, including inappropriate touching and advances into a hotel.

The suit alleges that the producers “had a duty to exercise reasonable care in supervising subsidiaries, contractors and their employees.” In addition to Apple, lawsuits were filed against Lionsgate Entertainment (of Hightown) and Jerry Bruckheimer Inc. for the same reasons, and even toxicology and health companies for gender discrimination in salary matters and termination for undue reason.

long-awaited feature film

Apple bought the rights to Emancipation in 2020 for an industry record, when it had yet to go into production. Therefore, the company also acted as producer of the feature film, in addition to being responsible for global distribution. So far, the companies involved in the case have not commented on the accusation.

Based on a true story, the film tells the saga of a slave who leaves a farm to join the military in the United States, something that would have occurred around 1863. The production is scheduled to premiere in 2022.