Apple Store Closes After Covid-19 Employees Infection


An Apple store in the city of Charleston, in the United States, had to be temporarily closed on Thursday (19), after 20 employees were exposed to the new coronavirus. The establishment must remain that way at least until the beginning of next week.

According to Bloomberg, stores similar in size to the Apple Store in the city, which is in the state of South Carolina, have between 70 and 80 workers. In other words, the number of employees exposed to covid-19 on site can reach a quarter of those hired.

Throughout the pandemic, Apple opened and closed its physical stores on several occasions due to concerns about the health crisis across the planet. But it is rare for a facility to close for a few days due to a large number of infected employees, according to the publication.

With the increase in covid-19 cases registered in the American territory in recent weeks, the Cupertino company has opted to reduce the opening hours of some of its stores. There are approximately 270 units in the country, almost all operating normally since June.

Measures to reduce the dissemination of coronavirus

Considered more contagious, the Delta variant of the coronavirus has been identified as responsible for the growth in the number of infected people in the USA. Thus, Maçã came back with some restrictions that had been abandoned in its stores, such as the requirement to use masks inside the establishments.

Allowing employees to work from home, serving customers over the internet, is also an alternative adopted there, in some units, to reduce exposure to coronavirus.

In Brazil, the two Apple Stores announced the removal of mandatory appointment scheduling, starting to receive customers without an appointment.


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