Apple Store closed: New iPhones are coming!


The technology world is focused on the event to be held by Apple (October 13, 2020). In this event, where the iPhone 12 series, which is delayed due to the Corona virus epidemic, will be introduced, HomePod Mini and Apple’s wireless charger are also expected to appear.

In the live broadcast that we will start at 19:30, we will instantly transmit what happened at the Apple launch and evaluate the devices. Do not miss the live broadcast where we will also include your comments!

Apple Store was closed before iPhone 12!

As before every Apple event, the online store, ie, was put into service hours before the event. When you want to purchase an item from the store right now ‘We will be right back. We are making some updates in the Apple Store. Please try again soon. A warning appears.

In this event, which was held online due to the Corona virus outbreak, we will watch previously recorded images. In the previous years, we were going to Apple Park to experience the devices as soon as they were introduced and we were sharing our first views. We hope that next year everything will return to normal and we will transfer new iPhones from Apple Park again.


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