Apple Starts Removing Flash Support from Safari Browser


Apple poured water from behind Flash. The tech giant has disabled the Flash plugin in the last update of the preview version of Safari. The fact that Google recently made a similar move for Chrome is an indication that Flash has expired.

Apple has announced that Flash support has been disabled in Safari Technology Preview, the developer version of Safari. Changes to the Safari Technology Preview 99 release include some improvements to WebKit code, as well as the removal of support for Adobe Flash under the Old Plugins heading.

The work to finish Flash has been going on for many years. Flash, which was once widely used to distribute media over the internet, has now become outdated and is not suitable for the mobile world. Apple’s former co-founder, Steve Jobs, stated in an article entitled “Reflections on Flash” about 10 years ago that Flash lags behind the modern era.

Apple also unplugged Flash after Google
After Apple, Google and other browser developers stood up against Flash, Adobe announced in 2020 that it would unplug Flash in recent years. Now, Apple also points out that time is close for Safari. Since the tech giant has never integrated Flash into its browser on iOS devices, removing the web standard will not be a problem for mobile users.

The Safari browser on Mac has been available with the Flash plugin disabled since macOS Sierra, and users can manually enable the software on a case-by-case basis. Last year, Google announced that it will remove Adobe Flash support in searches by 2020. So all these moves will completely remove Flash from our lives.

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