Apple Starts Having Problems on iPhone Stocks Due to Coronavirus


Apple continues to experience problems due to an ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China. The company is now experiencing stock problems with product and part changes.

Coronavirus affects the business world as well as it affects daily life. Apple is only one of the companies that have problems with the coronavirus. Apple’s stocks, which are mostly in China and have problems in product supply due to the coronavirus, have started to alarm.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has started to have difficulties with the iPhones that will be used in the change . The company informed tech support workers that the iPhones that will be used in the exchange will be procured for two to four weeks.

Apple replaces devices if the covered iPhones are badly damaged. However, it seems that there is a procurement problem for the devices used by the company in these changes. Apple’s technical support staff also report missing spare parts . Apple has announced that the iPhone will be shipped by cargo in the future when the new iPhone is not available for exchange.

A report that appeared in the past days showed that Apple was also having problems with the supply of the lenses of iPhones . These problems with the supply of iPhone parts seem to hurt Apple’s head for a while.

Apple has reopened some of the stores it closed in China due to the coronavirus outbreak . Reopening of the stores may indicate that the company has begun to overcome the problems it had with the virus outbreak. However, it seems that the problems with stocks of backup iPhones will continue for a few more weeks.


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