Apple started redirecting Safari links to Apple News Plus


Apple News Plus was launched in March last year as a “Netflix of publications”, accumulating a collection of more than $ 8,000 in a $ 9.99 subscription, featuring names like LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone , Vogue and Billboard.

However, the novelty did not please everyone, with important criticisms and warnings about the risks the platform offered from influential people in the industry, such as Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times.

And it seems that the critics were correct, if we take into account the new measure that Apple has adopted on devices running macOS 11.0 Big Sur and iOS 14. Now, users who access sites integrated with Apple News Plus through Safari will be forwarded to the service application, rather than being kept in the browser. According to the AdAge website, the policy shocked media outlets that were not informed of the new policy.

Although it does not seem like a problem at first, referral to the application is expected to significantly affect the profit from publications coming from ads and subscriptions. The most important thing, however, is the reduction of user traffic on the sites, which will now be concentrated on Apple News Plus.

According to Apple itself, the move will provide “greater reader engagement and new profit opportunities”, but publishers disagree, saying the profit generated by Apple’s ads is miniscule. At the moment, the function “open links in News” is enabled by default, but considering the testing character of the current versions of macOS and iOS, which are in their first and fourth betas, respectively, nothing prevents the Cupertino giant from reverse the change until the systems launch.


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