Apple Spends Millions On Google Storage For iCloud


Apple: Despite being great rivals in several sectors, Apple and Google have contracts and collaborations with each other — some even out of the ordinary.

One such partnership is using Google’s cloud storage servers to store iCloud files. This has been documented since 2018, and apparently this usage has not only continued but has increased recently.

According to a report on The Information website, Apple would be about to reach the mark of US$ 300 million spent on Google Cloud storage by the end of May 2021 alone. The number is 50% higher than the investments made in the sector in the entire year of 2020.

Why does it happen?

That’s because Apple uses a combination of third-party and proprietary servers to store files like photos and messages — all encrypted so that competitors don’t actually have access to the files. Amazon Web Services (AWS) also has contracts with Apple, but the dimensions have not been detailed.

The source consulted for the original report even said that employees of the cloud storage division call the account maintained by Apple on the platform “Bigfoot”, in reference to the size.

MacRumors is still trying to speculate on the reason for this increase: it’s possible that demand for iCloud is high enough to surpass the company’s ability to develop and open new data centers on its own.


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