Apple Spends $ 50 Million Annually To Conduct Each WWDC


Apple: Phil Schiller, former vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple and current leader of the App Store, as well as responsible for the company’s events, revealed that the company spends about $ 50 million annually (more than $ 265.5 million) in direct conversion) to hold the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – a conference aimed at developers of their platforms.

According to the executive, who released the information during a testimony before the courts in the clash between big tech and Epic Games, the amount covers the occupation of the place and other expenses associated with the meeting of thousands of people. In the last edition, before the pandemic, each participant (more than 5,000) dedicated the sum of US $ 1,500 (almost R $ 8,000, at the current rate) to be at the “party”.

It is not yet known what the amounts of the virtual versions of the WWDC are, such as the one that will occur on June 7 this year. These models also have a high production cost, since pre-recorded lectures are equivalent to Hollywood exhibitions. In any case, new “colossal” structures are on the way.

Bringing together professionals

Also according to Bloomberg News, the Apple company is building, at Apple Park, a development center for professionals who want to work closely with the company’s internal teams and receive support.

Finally, actions of this type, says Schiller, show that the 30% of revenue collected from developers in the App Store are not used to support the solutions themselves – a claim by Epic Games, which wants to expand payment methods in applications and the permission of third party market places on the defendant’s operating systems.


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