Apple: Siri helps find out if the user potentially has coronavirus


Apple in turn assists in the detection of coronavirus. Voice assistant Siri can now ask questions to refer users who think they are infected.

The fight against the coronavirus continues while smartphone sales show a logical drop in the face of an economic slowdown . To cope with the pandemic, isolation is essential as is the rapid management of the first symptoms. And in order to refer its users, potentially carrying the Covid-19, Apple has decided to offer its small solution through its voice assistant Siri, present on its devices: iPad, iPhone, etc. From now on, it is possible to answer certain specific questions to assess whether contamination with the coronavirus is possible.

Siri asks the user if the user has a fever, dry cough, or difficulty breathing, to which they can answer “Yes”, “No” or “Not sure” . The voice assistant then questions the possibility of having rubbed shoulders with a person tested positive for Covid-19. Depending on the answers, advice is offered to users on whether or not to consult a doctor, preventive quarantine, etc. Unfortunately, this new feature at Siri is only available in the US – at the moment? Because in France, the Cupertino company has also taken measures such as the closure of Apple Stores.


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