Apple Silicon M1 surpasses GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


After all the expectations generated during WWDC 2020, Apple finally debuted its first Apple Silicon-equipped Macs last week. The new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and Mac Mini come equipped with the Apple M1, a powerful 8-core chip at 3.1GHz that promises to offer unparalleled efficiency while delivering superior performance than Intel solutions.

With the first benchmarks released, the Apple M1 impressed by being able to match AMD’s recently launched Ryzen 5000 in single-core, while presenting performance similar to that of an Intel Core i7 9700K in multi-core. Apple’s first desktop processor also left behind the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple’s most powerful laptop, reaching numbers around 500 points higher.

Now, in a new result found by the Tom’s Hardware website, the Apple M1 GPU is superior to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 560, both in their desktop models, with 75W consumption. The tests were carried out on GFXBench 5.0 with Apple’s Metal API, and are aimed at mobile devices, but still impress.

In technical terms, the Apple M1 has 2.6 TFLOPs of computational power, while the GTX 1050 Ti offers 2.1 TFLOPs and the RX 560 presents numbers close to the Cupertino giant’s chip, also with 2.6 TFLOPs. The benchmarks, however, show a clear advantage for Apple.

In the Aztec Ruins Normal Tier test, the RX 560 reached 146.2 FPS, while the GTX 1050 Ti reached 159 FPS, with the Apple GPU taking the lead handily, scoring 203.6 FPS. This scenario is repeated in almost all other tests, with some of the results coming very close to the 50% advantage for the Cupertino giant.

As we know, benchmarks do not always represent realistic scenarios, but the figures presented are quite impressive, especially when we consider that the Apple graphics chip is integrated, with access to much less energy than the tested rivals. Anyway, there is little left for the M1 to be put to more accurate tests, since the first Macs with Apple Silicon start to reach consumers this week.


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