Apple Shuts Down Apple Store Ahead of Tonight’s Event


Apple, as in every event, closed the Apple Store website before the event to be held today. “We’ll be right back.” statement was included.

Technology giant Apple recently announced that it will organize a new event on the evening of November 10 (tonight) by sharing an announcement. The main slogan of the event was ‘One More Thing’. After this event takes place today, Apple will have organized 3 different events in the last 2 months.

At the event held on September 15, the company introduced new Apple Watch and Apple Watch SE smart watches as well as new iPad models. In the event, which was held on October 13 and considered as the second leg of the event in September, the iPhone 12 series appeared at the end.

The Apple Store has gone dark again:

We started to see a similar scene at the Apple Store ahead of today’s event, which will probably be Apple’s last event this year. The company has already started preparing its store page for the products and services that will be promoted at the event. The Apple Store said, “We’ll be right back. We’re making some updates in the Apple Store. Please try again soon.”

The Apple Store will probably start to feature new promotions during or after the event, as in previous events. The new products that the company will introduce today will probably be the new Mac computers with ARM architecture processors that we have been eagerly anticipating.

Apple announced at the WWDC event in June that Intel would be disconnected from its processors within 2 years. The company has stated that Mac computers will now feature ARM-based processors, which are Apple’s own production. It is not yet clear what kind of performance increase computers will offer.

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In addition to Apple’s first Macs with its own processor, the event will likely feature products such as AirTags and AirPods Studio headsets. In addition, according to the allegations, the new Apple TV will take place at the event. The event will start at 21:00 and we will inform you live as usual.


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