Apple Should Win Action Against Epic Games, But With Concessions

Apple: The trial of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games is far from over, having only passed the first of a possible three weeks of testimony and deliberation.

However, for Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, the situation already seems more or less resolved after a series of testimonies and evidence presented. In a text, the expert believes that Apple should be the overall winner – that is, the owner of iOS will not be condemned by a monopoly in the digital store or anti-competitive market practices against rivals.

The problem is that Epic Games has not yet been able to convince the court that the 30% rate is abusive and that the brand should allow other payment methods outside the platform itself. These are the main accusations of the developer, who started the process due to limitations imposed on the Fortnite phenomenon. The game is currently banned from Apple platforms for not agreeing with the internal rules of the brand’s ecosystem.

Not everything is flowers

However, Gurman also believes that Apple may be forced to make some modifications to its business model. This can happen by judicial determination or by its own initiative, to avoid spending and efforts against other possible lawsuits.

For the analyst, the company may start to release the execution of multiple games from an application, something that is currently prohibited in the rules of iOS. This would free up services like Facebook Gaming, for example. Another possible change is the expansion of programs that reduce the rate under transactions to 15% for more developers – something that already happens, but only for those that bill below a certain amount imposed by the company.

Finally, Gurman also mentions that Epic Games would already be quite satisfied simply by being able to announce that Fortnite virtual money, the V-Bucks, can be purchased in other environments even at a discount, such as on the brand’s own website.



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