Apple Shared Photos of First Floating Store


Apple shared photos from Apple Marina Bay Sands, the world’s first floating Apple Store. The floating store, which will offer visitors more than a standard Apple Store, has a team of 148 people who can speak 23 languages.

Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world, will open its first ‘floating’ Apple Store store to visitors on Thursday, September 10, and the company shared photos from the floating Apple Store called Apple Marina Bay Sands for those who cannot visit the store days before the opening.

Built in an extremely luxurious neighborhood with luxury restaurants, shops, marina hotels and casinos around, Apple Marina Bay Sands is in the form of a dome with a familiar yet original architecture made of 114 separate glass pieces. As you can imagine, this floating Apple Store promises a much different experience than Apple Stores anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its special design, the walls of Apple Marina Bay Sands offer a special lighting called night light effect. Apple also states that above the dome is an eyeball inspired by the Pantheon temple in Rome. Under the dome, there are stands where you can experience Apple products, as well as a giant screen for education, presentation and other works.

At Apple Marina Bay Sands, its first floating store, Apple promises not only unmatched feasibility but also a unique customer experience. Because the 148-person team at Apple Marina Bay Sands can speak 23 languages ​​fluently in total. Thus, Apple Marina Bay Sands can serve customers from anywhere in the world.

Photos of Apple Marina Bay Sands

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