Apple Says Leaks Hamper Accessory Production


Apple has not been satisfied with the product leaks that have taken over social networks in recent times, anticipating the arrival of its future releases. In a letter sent to a Chinese citizen who was doing this kind of work, the Cupertino giant explained how the rumors can cause harm.

In the document, obtained by Vice, Apple’s lawyers warn third-party manufacturers to create iPhone cases in the wrong sizes based on the leaks. Other types of non-compatible accessories are also released in light of speculation of leaks on Twitter.

“Such situations harm the interests of consumers and Apple. Therefore, it is obvious that when unpublished information about product design and performance is kept confidential, it has real and potential commercial value,” says an excerpt from the letter, where the company complains that leaked information does away with the “enchantment ” of new products.

Elsewhere, big tech accuses the recipient of the letter of infringing the brand’s trade secrets by divulging details about unpublished products and publishing company rumors. The items in question would be unreleased devices, allegedly stolen by factory workers, providing the leaks well before the official debut.

A market of nearly $20 billion

Apple’s global accessories market was valued at $19.9 billion in 2020, equivalent to $103 billion at the price of the day. Cables, cases and other articles are produced by third-party companies in several countries, which usually receive design guidelines directly from the original source.

However, this once friendly relationship has faced some problems in recent years. In 2016, for example, the owner of the iPhone accused the company Mobile Star of counterfeiting cables, adapters and other accessories sold on Amazon, filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer.


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