Apple rolled up its sleeves for the search engine!


It has been talked about for a while that Apple is working on a search engine that rivals Google. As of today, the news has been confirming that the rumors reflect the truth. Spotlight Search changes in iOS and iPadOS 14 Beta versions, increase in AppleBot scans, and updates on the Applebot support page point out that Apple will launch a search engine in the near future.

The Apple search engine could put Google in trouble!

In recent years, it was known that Google paid billions of dollars to Apple to be presented as the default search engine in Safari for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. In this way, Google ensured that all movements proceed through their services unless users manually changed their search engines. It is also rumored that the contract between Apple and Google will expire soon, in the process where there are some problems in the name of fair competition.

On the other hand, even though Apple is the winning party of the contract it signed with Google, it can discard this contract and become a competitor on the search engine side in order to show off its rival Google. To do this, let’s remind you that there are millions of users and millions of active Safari browsers.

Legal processes in the “default browser” crisis, its contentious relationship with Google, and the maturity of Apple’s Siri and iCloud products are factors that have contributed to Apple’s search engine development.

Another point confirming the new search engine is that Apple has recently made new recruitments in AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) teams.

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When the records on the AppleBot side were examined, it was discovered that the robot.txt rules were expanded, and details about how search rankings and web search results were organized. Among the added details that Apple has also started improvements on the frontend side.


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