Apple Returns To Fight With Corellium Due To ‘iOS emulator’


Even after closing a partnership with Corellium, Apple decided to appeal a decision in a copyright claim lawsuit that favored the security startup. Big Tech accuses the company of marketing a virtual version of iOS, used in research to test the security of iPhones and iPads, without authorization.

Late last year, Apple’s claims were rejected by a federal judge in Florida, who called the emulator software “fair” because it was “transformative” and helped developers find security holes.

The ruling also rejected Apple’s argument that Corellium had acted in bad faith by selling its product indiscriminately, including to potential hackers, and by not requiring users to report bugs to the Cupertino company.

Security experts are among the startup’s main customers. Discovered flaws have been reported to Apple for cash rewards and used elsewhere. In addition, the software helped the FBI break into the phone of a mass sniper who killed several people in San Bernardino, California.

Judicial agreement

The company’s attitude generated surprise, as Apple had just avoided a judgment that would be held last Monday (16), after reaching an agreement with Corellium to resolve other claims related to the Digital Milennium Copyright Act.

Experts were also surprised by Apple’s reactivation because of the company’s close work with the company. The iPhone maker recently said security flaw researchers will be able to certify the security of its controversial iCloud photo-scanning plan, and one of the companies that will do so is Corellium.


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