Apple Resolves Biggest Problem of Foldable Screens with Its New Patent


Apple’s new patent offers a solution to one of the biggest problems of foldable screen smartphones. This is an issue where screens get wrinkled or damaged when folded. The solution is a special hinge mechanism with movable wings.

It is not yet known whether the foldable phones are a temporary design change or the future of mobile devices, but Apple is definitely interested in such devices. In a newly emerging patent, Apple offers a solution to one of the most important problems faced by foldable smartphones.

Said problem is that the foldable device wrinkles during folding. That is why the first foldable devices, such as Galaxy Fold, had Samsung’s head in pain. Apple engineers’ solution to this problem is a special hinge mechanism with movable wings.

Samsung’s problems will disappear:
The idea basically includes movable wings that expand to fill the gap when the device is turned on. The same wings will be withdrawn when the device is turned off. Apple plans to get rid of Samsung’s unfortunate problems with collapsible devices.

Hurrying to release its first foldable device last year, Samsung postponed the release date of the device after receiving many negative reviews about the Galaxy Fold. It is stated that Samsung, which renewed the device within the delay period, did not achieve very healthy results despite this. Samsung also released a video on how to use Galaxy Fold, and stated that the foldable screen is very sensitive and should be used only with soft touches.

It has been known that Apple has been involved in foldable phone for some time now. Although Apple has received numerous patents, there is no official information yet that a foldable iPhone will be released.

Rumors that Apple will produce cars have been around for some time now. The new patent by Apple reveals a new technology for Apple’s driverless vehicle. The new technology allows you to give a voice command to the driverless vehicle. You say where to go with the new technology and the rest of the car does it for you.


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