Apple: Report Showing the Impact of Apple’s ‘Application Tracking Transparency’ Feature


Apple ‘Application Tracking Transparency’ feature introduced with iOS 14.5 has started to show its effects. Early reports show that the vast majority of iPhone users chose not to share their data with apps. This situation seems to make it increasingly difficult for companies that grow with advertising, such as Facebook. Apple recently introduced the iOS 14.5 version to its users. With the many innovations it has brought, the feature that caused the version to be talked about was the ‘Application Tracking Transparency’ feature.

With this new feature, all apps on iPhones and all websites visited through the browser have to ask the user for permission to follow the actions on the device, and they need to clearly state their intentions in doing so. The first reports on the effects of this feature, which changes the color of the business, especially for companies such as Facebook and Google, have also started to come.

The vast majority of iPhone users chose not to share their data:

There were different predictions about how iPhone users would make a choice. While the majority of iPhone users who would make use of this opportunity offered to them by some would be the majority, according to others, users would continue on their way without caring too much about the situation. The first reports, on the other hand, justified the first group.

According to data shared by Flurry Analytics, 95 percent of iPhone users in the US chose not to allow their data to be used for advertising activities, while 87 percent worldwide. The data of Flurry Analytics, which is used in more than 1 million applications worldwide and provides insights from approximately 2 billion devices per month, is therefore very important and actually provides enough data to see the big picture.

It is thought that this important step of Apple will have a great impact on the mobile advertising industry, which is a huge $ 189 billion industry worldwide. It is a matter of curiosity about what way companies such as Facebook and Google will continue their game in order to continue their targeted advertising activities, but it seems that they do not have much trump for now.


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