Apple Reopens Its Stores In South Korea With Additional Security Measures


US technology giant Apple reopened its stores in South Korea due to coronavirus. The stores, which opened with additional security measures, were the first Apple stores located outside China and reopened.

The coronavirus, which was announced to be seen in China in December of 2019 and spread to the whole world in three months, continues to spread today. In China, the source of the virus infecting more than two million people, life is slowly returning to normal.

In China, where the coronavirus first started, when the seriousness of the situation was understood, many companies decided to close their facilities and stores. Apple, which has now closed stores worldwide, decided to open its stores in China about a month ago. The company opened its first store outside of China with the decision taken today.

Apple stores reopened with additional security measures:
US technology giant Apple reopened its stores in South Korea due to coronavirus today. Although the company reopened its stores, it took precautions that would not risk its customers and employees without compromising the fact that the virus was still spreading.

A limited number of customers can be found within Apple stores in South Korea at the same time as part of Apple’s measures. Thus, customers will be able to maintain the social distance measured at 2 meters more easily. However, the company also hung a warning on the glass of its stores.

In the warning Apple has hung in stores, customers are asked certain questions and these questions are answered by customers. If a customer replies ‘Yes’ to any question asked, that customer is not included in the store. Users who answer “No” to all of the questions can easily enter the store. Apple’s questions to customers are as follows:

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Do you have a fever right now?
Do you have a cough right now?
Are you currently experiencing any respiratory distress?
Have you contacted any COVID-19 suspects or cases?

In addition to these measures, the company measures the fires of customers entering the store and tells them to wear masks before entering the store. This precaution that Apple took in its stores in South Korea will most likely be the methods to be applied when the company opens its stores in any country in the future.


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