Apple Removes An Application That Bypasses China’s Censorship From The App Store


Apple has removed the keyboard application called BOOM from the App Store, which enables China’s censorship to be overcome by providing encryption with emojis. In a statement from Apple, it was announced that the application violated the laws in China.

A keyboard application called BOOM-Text Encryption Keyboard, which enabled the Chinese administration to overcome the censorship applications that it increased during the COVID-19 outbreak, was encrypting using emojis, but the application was taken down by Apple in the Chinese App Store.

BOOM-Text Encryption Keyboard was developed by Wang Huiyu, a 20-year-old Chinese citizen living in New York. Huiyu developed the app with a friend so that people can communicate without being censored during the coronavirus outbreak.

The encrypted keyboard app was removed from the App Store used in China by Apple some time after its release. Apple, in the mail it sent to Huiyu where the application was removed, announced that the keyboard application is illegal content in China. The encrypted keyboard application BOOM is still available in other regions.

The developer of the application, Wang Huiyu, said that they released the application in February and that the application has been in use for a month. Huiyu says that Boom has encrypted message content into emojis in many languages, including Japanese and Chinese.

Apple’s reaction to the censorship laws of China, removing the keyboard application BOOM from the App Store caused a reaction to the company. Non-governmental organizations that did not want Apple to be so compliant with China’s censorship laws had recently written a letter to Apple.


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