Apple remains at the top of the wireless headphone market


Apple is at the top of the fully wireless headset market with AirPods. According to a new report published by Counterpoint Research; Although the company is experiencing a loss of the market, AirPods continues to increase their sales.

Almost 50 percent of all wireless headphones sold on the market in 2019 were Apple AirPods. In 2020, this rate decreased to 35 percent. Completing 2019 with 61 million AirPods sales, Apple is expected to close 2020 with 82 million AirPods sales.

It is not difficult to understand the reason for the decline in Apple’s market share. Many Chinese manufacturers have released products that are similar in design to AirPods, although they are not as strong as AirPods in sound quality. It should be noted that the prices of these products are lower compared to AirPods.

Samsung, which sold 8 million fully wireless headphones in 2019, is expected to sell 17 million headphones this year. The market share of the company is 6 percent. Second in the list is Xiaomi with a 10 percent market share.

Counterpoint states that there is a serious growth potential if Samsung launches products that appeal to different price segments. The small market presence of experienced audio product manufacturers such as Sennheiser and Audio Technica is also noteworthy.

Apple seems to dominate the wireless headphone market for a longer time. Although it is said that the company can add a “Lite” model next to AirPods and AirPods Pro, no official statement has been made yet.

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